This demonstration aims to show people how anyone can train any dog up to a good standard for the shooting field which is what the majority of working gundog owners require.

Meurig Rees, who hails from Cenarth, has worked for The British Association for Shooting and Conservation since 2005, first developed this idea some nine years ago mainly for their Young Shots and Ladies Day programme, and it has blossomed since by being invited to events such as the Welsh Game Fair and numerous other events across Wales and he has set up a programme working with a number of Colleges around Wales on dog behaviour and their training.

With plenty of hints and tips the display shows how the average individual who has the time, patience and consistency can develop a young dog into a great working companion on their shooting days.

Meurig is happy for you all to come along and meet the dogs ‘Ceri’ and ‘Skye’ in person after the displays, for you to ask questions about the training, or if its only to have your picture taken with his faithful and beautiful companions’’.